Britney Nitsuka is a soccer player in the Inazuma Eleven series, she appears in episode 28. She is Captain of the Fallen Angels. Her position is Goalkeeper and Forward, if needed she can play on all places on the field. Her position in the Raimon Eleven is Forward and Defender. She got injured after her first match against the alieas. She was healed before the match against Diamond Dust. But after that match, she was sent back to raimon, she was to weak to fight (because she couldn't train with the others when she was injured).

Later in the GO series, she ended up to be an administrator for her old soccer team Fallen Angels, but when she went back the the Raimon Jr. High she helped them fighting Fifth Sector. She is seen alot together with Midorikawa, Hiroto, Kazemaru and Kabeyama.


She has long weavy dark brown hair, while playing, she pins it in a ponytail. with pink eyes. Her soccer uniform of the Fallen Angels are Black with Red details. Also, she wears the Raimon soccer uniform in their team. Her normal clothes is a red sweater with jeans and black sneakers. When Inazuma Japan are playing their matches, she also wears their soccer uniform.


On first sight, she is very shy, but when you get to know her, she can be outgoing, is in for jokes and loves hugs. Sometimes when something bad happens (like losing a match), she will be very negative for a few mnutes or a couple of hours, than she is back to normal and tries more her best. She loves to help people, also she likes to hurt people (only the ones who hurt her or her friends).


She was born in a small town near Tokyo, Ichikawa. She has a brother, and they lived in a small house, their parents were poor and didn't had much money to spent, so they decided to bring them to an orphan. Both were never adopted. Their orphan name was The Rainbow. They went to the oldest school in Ichikawa, Ichikawa Municipal, there she went in the soccer team together with her brother. a few years passed, they had still 3 years to go, but their team decided to make Britney their captain. Few months passed and then she met Endou Mamoru, they met at her own school when the alieas tried to destroy it.


Block - Wing Catch

Block - Angel Voice

Dribbel - Angel Ball

Shot - Star Solution


Shainingu yume ga dete kimasu - Sōkō no tenshi

シャイニング夢が出てきます - 装甲の天使

Shining dream, come out! - Armored Angel!

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