Daiyuze does not remember her past what so ever the time she came by she was around 14 years old

she traveled alone by then going around all sorta places meeting all kinds of people eventually creating her ''gang'' by the name called the 8 alliance she goes by as the leader . Daiyuze has a lot of male  feature's and an easy go around personality but when it comes to it she is a great leader.

While meeting these people she also trained and got stronger a lot stronger. In all these years as she was wearing her necklace ''the millennium point' she never knew that that was more then just an item it ws an ancient item that had sealed up the 7000 year old creator of darkness and also the pharaoh of dream

As Daiyuze doesn't remember her past her twin brother does ( Gogeta is his name because when I was small I didn't have much names to come with so I'm keeping it kappa) He also lives as the spirit inside her  because at birth one of them died and so he was able to give her the chance to survive as he did.

he also lives inside of her as she doesn't know this she knows about The darkness named Yami and the pharaoh of dreams named Yume.

Now Daiyuze is currently a strong warrior on earth protecting what she keeps dear to her which are her friends

^EE90A382A88A6FDC7BB10D47B5B1BC9B7DC1C824C58070469E^pimgpsh thumbnail win distr
Name Daiyuze
Race Saiyan
Weapon fighter, Ki
Age 17
Date of Birth February 5th
Height 170 cm
Weight 68 kg
Blood Type unknown
Class Tree Saiyan

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