"To achieve should start to believe in yourself first"

29-12-15 - 3
Name Jace "The Perfect Twin"
Class Scientist
Weapon Lightning,Plasma & Creation weapons
Age 17
Date of Birth June 21
Height 163 cm (5 ft 6 in)
Weight 52 kg (130 lb)
Blood Type O- (negative)
Class Tree Scientist


Jace, A female scientist that also uses lightning and plasma that aid her in battles is able to fight in close and far range, uses and owns multiple creation weapons such as Energy sword (which can be used as a lightning whip.) and two pink lightning guns. She uses a lot mana since all her weapons are directly generated from her hand, the bullet of her two guns are also generated from her mana, which she posses a lot (of mana).

Lightning Berserker Mode V2 (LBMV2)

Jace, who goes berserk and get covered by Dark Aura and Purple lightning (sparks) This Dark Aura posses her for a limited time and is able to control it, however. what skill she uses her Mana decreases with 5% extra.


Jace A twin born along with Jay, got taken away after birth by doctors(who were in disguise)

the doctors, who cared for the mother of the two. made her believe she only gave birth to a son, Jay. which wasn't true. after years. (when she was around 8) they did some tests and experiments with her and the results were very high (in power,speed and intelligance.) after they taught her more of science she was able to control her Lightning flow at young age (that means that Jace possesed the lightning power some years earlier then Jay) however, the scientist were planning a thing with her body, of course , it wasn't a good thing at all, since they knew from her power they wanted to make some sort of cyborg from her and trying to take over towns and eventually countries. However Jace refused, she refused with this operation and new how to escape from their traps. after she escaped she was crying in a ally. (but the scientist already give her a good cover, Blue eyes and Brown hair) Jay found her but and tried to help me out. he didn't knew better. (ofcourse) so he brought her back. after he brought her back he could hear a loud scream from the house piercing into his ear...

2 years later (Jace was 10)

Jace got forced with the operation. so was now part of the plan of evil scientist. a thing she was totally against. she wanted to do good. she already loved scientist and even made a promise to herself that she wanted to save humanity with it. but she had to. In order to escape she had to join this crazy plan and did worst things, killing humans on command, stealing and destroying other scientists property and even torturing. she couldn't stand what she did. even if it was on force.she hated the persons that raised her.

6 years later. (Jace was 16)

She didn't had it anymore and already had a plan in mind. so she escaped.. no she tought she escaped and battle the strongest scientist. at that point, she created her first creation weapon, The lightning whip.

she battled, she fall and she stood up, over and over. she wouldn't give up. with her last power. she tried to go berserk , (with the evil commands of the chip inside her) altough the scientist couldn't stop her. that force wasn't controlable and he sealed her away.

Another 6 years later Jay found her in a cave that was formally the hideout from the scientist, but they abandoned it. Jay opened the crystal were she was sealed in. and noticed a thing.. the looked the same. only she was a female. the looked exactly the same. but only the gender was the difference. of course Jay took her with him. and so they spoke. about life and even more things.

at last. the lost brother. found his never known twin sister,

Trivia Edit Edit

  • Jace is very playfull but know when to be serious, also she can make sadestic things sound very cute.. which isn't. at all.
  • Jace and Jay don't have a last name. only Jay gave himself one
  • In most scenarios Jace is found in her lab, because she's always busy with experiments.
    • Jace has long black hair and purple eyes.
  • Jace doesn't love guys and feels a bit attracted to women but she doesn't show that at all.
    • When Jace was younger she used lightning flow to fix electricity in houses
    • The path scientist she chose because she loves it
  • Her powers are from several animes and games. one of them is Xenon ( a class from Maplestory)
  • Twiin-Jay Has Several RP Counterparts that would be : Jay "The Lightning" Sakurai (Inazuma Eleven), JJ Tendo (Beyblade), Jay&Omega.EXE (Megaman Battle Network)& Jay Kyo (Pokemon) and Jace is included
  • The Maker and User for this OC is Twiin-Jay Strauss. G+ And Youtube:

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