Concept Kathrine
Name Kathrine "Katt" Cico
Weapon Metal Claws
Age 18
Date of Birth 29th march
Height 5'10"
Weight 100,1lb
Blood Type not known
Class Tree


Kathrine’s clothing are rather baggy and loose and covers most of her body, due to the fact that she hides scars and in her opion help her movement.In more description she wears mutiple large sweater that usually ends around her waist. The pants she wears are all black and look like a traditional ninja garb that stops directly at below the knee leaving the rest of her leg exposed. She doesn’t wear socks since the effort to finding a pair is much below her and is not needed. Finally Kathrine’s shoes are  black and have a light bottom to them, this is for her to help her keep light stances and help with jumping. Also as face attire Kathrine wears a square white mask that covers over most of her face and has a “X” on it. Then underneath the mask she has a eye patch that covers over her right eye, this eye patch also has the same “x” on it.


Kathrine’s hair is a light brown, almost a hazel color. The shape of her hair is short and messy in the back then in the front they’re too long pieces on each side of her face then she has sloppily done bangs that go to around her eye length.Her hair is well kept and never looks out of its predefined messiness, meaning she will cut it herself and do necessary things to keep it clean in kept up. But when it comes to waking up and brushing her hair into a nice order she is lazy to do so.

Left Eye

Kathrine’s left eye is a dark red and brown mix with a thick black edge around it.

Right Eye

Kathrine’s right eye had been destroyed and then changed under multiple experiments the final product that she has a dark yellow eye with golden tints to it.


Kathrine’s behavior has a multiple of levels, Although she acts differently at times the most important part of Kathrine’s personality is that she is very narcissistic, sarcastic, and often finds herself making snide remarks at others. When in battle her narcissism comes out very strong and will often be very ignorant in giving up a battle that she is not suited for. But when in a battle of her strong point she acts rather manically and rashly, having no specify attack pattern this helps her soothe her blood lust. Although her heart seems to invested in itself this doesn’t mean she will not be friendly or caring towards others. The way she expresses care would be threw less narcissistic and more just as a tease to get on one's nerves.  

Special ability

Nights prey

Using her right eye she can see in the dark and allows her to sense the heat spots.


Kathrine was born from a mafia family from the leader of the family "papa" and one of the lower level of women in the family, Kathrine never got to stay with her mother very long since her mother had "left" and had lived with the papa of the family for most of her life. When she was growing up she was taught ways to self defend and the basics of assassination. But even though she was fairly skilled and semi spoiled, the members and her papa would tell her she was much better if she had stayed home and not help them with their “work” them .Since that fact she trained harder everyday to show her father, she spent from the age of five to the age of ten practicing these techniques. Then abruptly the city started to attack against the mafia worse then any time before. Leaving them in economic failure, then finally as to finish them off the government had came in to kill all of them, Katherine had managed to hid from the blood lusting group but later found when they were looting the house for anything their greedy hands haven't already taken, exposing Katherine. They then took her and used Katherine as a beating doll, damaging her right eye and leaving several bones broken. Finally they had sold her off to a mad human experimenter who operated with the crazy government system. They had done countless experiments on her and had replaced her right eye with a lab made cat eye and fixing any broken bones and "improved" any part of her then used her as a testing doll for many different weapons and drugs.  Her  mentality had finally snapped they were testing a metal claw on her. She had gotten out of her restraints and had attacked everyone in the facility, finally after five years as a testing subject she had escaped and killed most people there but some people in the organization manage to escape. So now she lives to kill everyone who was in the facility. She managed to get some money and food in her current living by being an assassin for people and looting some bodies of her victims or just looking over the dead bodies from others kills to see any spare money.

She had discovered elrois at the age of sixteen, to help try to help her search in finding the organization. In this search it leads her through the woods and threw the area getting lost multiple times.

Trivia Edit

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