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Name Twiin-Jay (Jay) Strauss
Class Asassin
Weapon Lightning,Thunder & Void Weapon.
Age 17
Date of Birth June 21
Height 168 cm (5 ft 6 in)
Weight 59 kg (130 lb)
Blood Type O- (negative)
Class Tree Assasin > Lightning Assasin> Lightning God

Assasin > Shadow Dasher > Shinobi
Assasin >MasterMind V2  > The End


Jay, A Guy in the shadows who bears lightning who aid him in battle , His Lightning is not only able deal physical damage to hostiles, but is also a way of dealing magical damage. As a mid-ranged alternative, his Lightning can also be configured to form a powerful electricity cannon (or any other ranged weapon) by the same way. Jay is able to manipulate the electricity from thunder clouds in the sky. This allows his attack style to freely transition between long range and melee attacks.

Special Ability

Lightning Berserker Mode (LBM)

Jay, who goes berserk and get covered by Dark Aura and Dark Lightning (sparks) This Dark Aura posses him for a limited time and is able to control it, however. what skill he used his energy will be drained. basicly the only plus side he has on LBM is that with the attacks he slowly regenerates. Also he is able to summon a Weapon from the void: VoidTitan, An sword that survived the great disaster of Elrios.


Jay who only lived with his mother. not knowing where his father was lived peacefully in Ruben.

Like many childs in Elrios, Jay was a child that couldn't play with others due the reason of the dangers outside Ruben. At some point during his childhood, Jay's father, taught him the basics of Lighting flow, granting him the basics of Lightning Dragon Slayer Power. As he grew up, Jay kept learning and owning one of the most strongest Lightning sources but sadly, Jay could never show his father what he achieved. Jay, two years after the death of his mom (not knowing how the hell that happened) he left the house with the note: "I shall return.." and so he started the path of the Asassin.


  • In Japanese, he is called "Jei Shoturauzu"
  • The name "Strauss" he gave himself after the death of his mother.
  • In most of the Scenarios. you'll notice that Jay always observes the situation from a tree. it's because he thinks like a Ninja.
    • Jay got easily seen as a female due the Ponytail and and the Purple Sclera.
  • Jay Admires DiE and CrA.
    • when he was younger. he encountered both in a field full of monsters. He went to train but got cornered due the reason there were too much of the "evil"
    • The Path "Assasin" he chose because he mentioned he would assasinate everyone who goes on the wrong path.
  • You could comparis the background story of VoidTitan with Excalibur's
  • Twiin-Jay Has Several RP Counterparts that would be : Jay "The Lightning" Sakurai (Inazuma Eleven), JJ Tendo (Beyblade), Jay&Omega.EXE (Megaman Battle Network)& Jay Kyo (Pokemon)
  • The Maker and User for this OC is Twiin-Jay Strauss. G+ And Youtube:

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